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Archie Chen is an extraordinary combination of talents. His reputation as a virtuoso pianist on the International circuit segues into a formidable teaching and coaching ability that results in exceptional levels of technique and artistry amongst his students. This combined with his remarkable entrepreneurial expertise in creating and building highly successful International Music Festivals and Academies, fostering excellence amongst the next generation of pianists, makes him the perfect faculty addition to any university.
Edmund Battersby Professor of Music, Indiana University


As someone with a driven personality, forever hungry for learning, with a proud passion for piano and music education, I am actively involved in continually developing, growing, and maintaining prominent visibility in my scholarly and creative work. I have been the recipient of numerous awards, grants and fellowships, in recognition of substantial scholarship and artistic creation. Examples are the Arts Council of Ireland Grant for my research on Chopin (from a HIP perspective), the Tyrone Guthrie Centre Fellowship for recognition of my place as an Artist in Ireland and the New York Classical Music Society Artist of the Year, in recognition of my success in conceiving, designing the course, and creating in its entirety - the Dublin International Piano Festival, which has run for 5 consecutive editions. I am a highly capable & creative individual - as teacher, communicator, performer, collaborator, creator & developer of programs and events.

Purpose of the Course

The class is a 50-minute-per-week course of my own design. The lectures provide practical advice about entrepreneurship and will help to shape the students’ homework projects for the following week.

This course offers guidance in areas such as professional-document creation, financial literacy, marketing, job applications, interviews, auditions, and many other areas pertinent to a musician’s career development.

The course will have two main areas of focus. The first is to equip students with skills that will enable them to create excellent applications for jobs in academia and with professional organizations. The second area of focus is business acumen. Students will learn effective strategies for personal branding, business-plan creation, website development, networking, and tax strategies specifically for musicians.

Required Materials

Beeching, Angela Myles. Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. (ISBN: 0195382595)

Cutler, David. The Savvy Musician. Pittsburgh, PA: Helius Press, 2010. (ISBN: 09823075)

Ricker, Ramon. Lessons from a Street-wise Professor: What You Won’t Learn at Most Music Schools. Fairport, NY: Soundown Inc., 2011. (ISBN: 098286390X)

Program Learning Outcome

You will complete the following at the end of the course:

The teaching portfolios will include: 1) a cover letter, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) a list of references, 4) a teaching philosophy statement and 5) a statement of research interests.

The business portfolios will include: 1) a resume, 2) a comprehensive budget for the project, 3) a business plan, and 4) a project proposal.

Course Schedule

Week 1 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Week 2 - Your image
Week 3 - Applying for Jobs
Week 4 - Job Application Review
Week 5 - Interview techniques
Week 6 - Interview practice
Week 7 - Brand yourself
Week 8 - Building a website
Week 9 - Project Topics
Week 10 - Networking
Week 11 - Death and Taxes!
Week 12 - Student Presentations I.
Week 13 - Student Presentations II.
Week 14 - Final Project Presentation & Exam

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