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Teaching Philosophy

Masterclass with Dr. Archie Chen
I present students with a technical regime that ensures their ability to play without physical tension, an approach that frees the student from injury or abuse from strain, despite hours of daily practice. My method produces finger dexterity, sonorous sound, a command of touches, and a wide variety of tonal colors. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect students gain from working with me is to begin to share my ability to hear the limitless possibilities of color that are available in piano playing.

My keen ear, musical sensitivity, and tremendous insights are easily recognized by the perceptive listener and can be systematically transmitted from myself to the student so as to affect the shaping of melodies, balance of musical lines, and rhythmic flow.
Piano Lesson with Dr. Archie Chen
I always seek to share my insights, those things that have worked for myself in practice and on the concert stage. I do not compromise my own musical standards, and I demand the highest level of musical performance from myself and my students.

I expect my serious students to practice two to four hours of practice daily. Although the long-range goal may be a public recital, the immediate incentive is preparing for the next lesson. The nature of my lessons are demanding and uncompromising. No matter how prepared the student is for the lesson, I use that preparation as a basis for further study into the score, looking for more depth of musical expression, solving technical difficulties, and taking the performance to a higher level of achievement and understanding.
Dr. Archie Chen with student
Once students leave my studio, they have learned to perform with confidence and security because they know what they have accomplished and understand how far they have come. They have observed my work ethic, and they have seen me as an example of a performer’s life.

The students therefore know what can be accomplished, how to achieve results from their practice, how to listen in depth to their own playing, and what to expect when they listen to others. They have learned a great deal of repertoire from their own studies and from listening to other students in performance classes and recitals. They have learned principles of technique that ensure looseness and flexibility. They know how to establish goals for learning repertoire. They have learned principles of musical expression that can be applied to all music, and they have learned how to play with color, how to shape a melody, and how to adapt to different pianos. They are indeed ready for whatever musical opportunities await them!

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