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  • Piano Pedagogy

    Piano Pedagogy

    This course will provide students & teachers with the information, tools, skills, and practical experience necessary in order to teach piano students effectively with the view to establishing a successful studio of their own.

  • Piano Literature

    Piano Literature

    Through lectures, reading and listening assignments, analysis and performance projects, this course provides an in-depth study of solo keyboard literature. Special emphasis is placed on exploring period instruments, musical styles, repertoire, and performance practice.

  • Historically Informed Performance

    Historically Informed Performance

    In this course we look to the past to create a better tomorrow; in other words, modern musicians have the chance to look back to the past to create historically informed, yet new performances today.

  • Sight-Reading


    Learn to read music using my unique method and give yourself more enjoyment from playing. Most people are intimidated by the complexity of sight-reading therefore this course will highlight some of the most important tips required to master the art of sight-reading.

  • Music Theory

    Music Theory

    Learning music theory doesn't have to be a difficult process. It does take some work, but with this course, you can make that work much easier. By the time you have completed two lessons in this course, you will have made big steps down the path toward understanding music theory.

  • Keyboard Harmony

    Keyboard Harmony

    In this course we will cover a wide range of keyboard skills including transposition, harmonisation, improvisation, playing by ear, the playing of cadences, modulation, figured bass realisation, score-reading and the playing of rudimentary elements of theory at the keyboard, such as intervals and various scale forms.

  • Entrepreneurship


    In today's world, few music students will be able to make a living in the field of classical music without entrepreneurial skills. In this course we will address the following:

    • Career planning
    • Professional document creation
    • Audition & interview skills
    • Personal branding and marketing
    • Financial literacy
    • Grant writing
    • Networking
    • Presenting engaging concerts, festivals and programs

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