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Solo Repertoire

Purpose of the Course

Students taking piano lessons are expected to make steady progress toward technical and musical maturity by means of regular and consistent practice. Each student is taught based on their individual level of talent and the potential to expand technical and musical abilities to the next level. Students accomplish this through diligent practice of piano technique and diverse repertoire spanning all of the appropriate style periods.

Required Materials

Daily practice is a necessary component of studio lessons. Warm-up techniques, assigned literature, and sight-reading exercises should be the focus of weekly practice. Development of technical, musical, and stylistic interpretation skills will enable the student to be an independent learner and perform music at a high level of musicality and artistry.

Each student is required to practice daily, including weekends. While there will be a wide range of skills and abilities among students, it is recommended that you practice at least two hours per day.

Program Learning Outcome

completed study of repertoire representative of several different style periods

gained a superior knowledge of historical, theoretical, performance practice and pedagogical issues pertaining to the repertoire

demonstrated an increased level of technical and musical maturity

established a consistent and focused practice routine

developed an ability to learn music independently.
Venezia e Napoli, S. 159 - Franz Liszt
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