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Piano Pedagogy

Piano pedagogy is the study of the specific principles of teaching piano and its literature from a child’s first lesson through the advanced high school level. Students majoring in an instrument other than piano benefit from the universal knowledge of establishing and managing a teaching studio. Concepts addressing effective teaching are integral to the course.

Purpose of the Course

The purpose of this course in piano pedagogy is to provide students the information, tools, skills, and practical experience in order to teach piano students effectively and how to establish their own studio.

Required Materials

Fourth Finger on B-flat: Effective Strategies for Teaching Piano by Joanne Haroutounian Hal Leonard Student Piano Library: Piano Lessons Book 1 by Barbara Kreader, Fred Kern, Phillip
Keveren, & Mona Rejino
How to Teach Piano Successfully, Third Edition, by James W. Bastien, Kjos Music Company publisher.

Clavier Companion Magazine Group Subscription ($18 - includes print magazine + digital edition)
*Other method books that you are assigned for your elementary methods project presentation

The Well­Tempered Keyboard Teacher, 2nd edition. Marienne Uszler, Stewart Gordon, and Scott McBride Smith. Schirmer Books, 2000.
Magrath, Jane, ed. The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature. Alfred Publications, 2000.

Program Learning Outcome

The student will demonstrate knowledge of applicable solo materials, an orientation to the fundamentals of pedagogy as pertaining to the instrument or area of study, and comprehensive capabilities in preparing and performing a solo at a high level. Upon completion of this course students will be able to
Recognize and evaluate teaching methods that are most effective and available for pre-college age students.

• Demonstrate good teaching skills
• In-class teaching experience and outside observations help students of piano pedagogy to gain confidence in their ability to be successful teachers
• Develop plans for administering an independent teaching studio
• Develop good communications skills
• Examine and evaluate intermediate­ and early advanced­level literature available to the piano teacher.
• Develop skill in leveling and selecting appropriate intermediate­level and early advanced­level literature.
• Develop teaching strategies to use with the intermediate student.
• Become familiar with books and resources for the independent piano teacher.
• Develop an understanding of technical approaches and music wellness issues that pertain to the intermediate and advanced student.
• Conduct research in the field of piano pedagogy.

The student will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to incorporate piano teaching materials and methods by comparing and critiquing piano methods in written assignments and oral reports. The student will also gain practicum experience in teaching beginner piano students.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Developing a Teaching Philosophy and Studio Policies
Week 2: First Impressions with Students
Week 3: Getting Organized with Beginner Piano Methods
Week 4: No Student is the Same
Week 5: Teaching Adults
Week 6: Musical Problem-Solving
Week 7: Effective Practice Strategies
Week 8: Technique in your Studio
Week 9: Teaching the Variety of Touches at the Keyboard
Week 10: Theory, Rhythm, and Ear Training
Week 11: Technology in the Piano Studio
Week 12: Teaching Stylistic Subtleties in Performance
Week 13: Group Piano Instruction
Week 14: Submit copy of Pedagogy Notebook

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