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Keyboard Harmony

Purpose of the Course

This course is designed for serious musicians. In addition to the weekly lectures, it includes one 30-minute ear-training session per week. Proficiency in reading music is required and students are expected to have proficiency on either an instrument or voice. Piano skills are not a prerequisite, but they are extremely helpful.

Acquiring keyboard skills is one of the main goals of this class.
You will primarily work on ear training, keyboard skills, and singing.

Required Materials

Music staff paper: You are required to purchase a large quantity of music paper. You may want to purchase some of low quality for working out your assignments and some of high quality for turning them in. You may also copy your music with a computer program, but working with notation software is not an excuse for incorrectly notated music. I also recommend that you purchase a book of manuscript paper for class notes.

Tonal Harmony, with an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music by Stefan Kostka & Dorothy Payne, 5th edition (McGraw-Hill, 2004);

Harmony and Voice Leading by Edward Aldwell and Carl Schachter, 3rd edition, (Thomson/Schirmer, 2003);

Counterpoint in Composition by Felix Saltzer and Carl Schachter (Columbia University Press, 1989)

Program Learning Outcome

Tonal Harmony and Counterpoint is one of the most important courses for the serious musician. In this class you will learn the technical side of the craft and art of writing and analyzing music according to the tradition of Western tonal music. The best way to become truly familiar with any musical tradition is to write music in that style. As a result, most assignments will require you to write music according to strict guidelines presented in class.

Course Schedule

Week 1 - Placement tests, Cantus firms & 1st species counterpoint
Week 2 - 2nd Species and Ear training sessions begin
Week 3 - 2nd Species plus chords and cadences
Week 4 - Chords and Cadences, intro to 3rd Species
Week 5 - Third Species
Week 6 - Fourth Species and EXAM #1
Week 7 - Four-part writing part one
Week 8 - Four-part writing part two - modulations
Week 9 - Four-part writing part three - larger spans
Week 10 - Four-part writing part four - chromatic modulations
Week 11 - 5th Species and EXAM #2
Week 12 - Other 4-part textures
Week 13 - Final counterpoint project
Week 14 - Final chorale harmonisation project
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